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Pong Museum - Our Golden Book



Ralph H. Baer, USA
Inventor of Home Videogames

this may be the 37th birthday of the Magnavox Odyssey game but it's also the 40th birthday of the video ping-pong. It might be nice if you included the short video of Bill Harrison and me playing ping-pong back in 1969, which I am attaching.

Good luck with your new site,

Ralph H. Baer,
January 26, 2009

Christopher "Dark Watcher" Hernandez, USA - Collector

Thank you so much for the invite. Your website took me back in history, and I am amazed at your collection. It's great to see information about these consoles... Particularly, the units never seen on US shores. You got a great website there. It was easy to navigate, clean layout, wealth of information, and adding additional languages is a great audience grabber.

I personally want to thank you for this great addition to the classic gaming community. I am honored that my small contribution could be used on your website. Keep up the great work.

DW, January 26, 2009


Jamillah Knowles, UK - Pods and Blogs show on BBC Radio

I make the Pods and Blogs show on BBC Radio Five Live. When I read in Boing Boing that you had opened a virtual Pong museum, I was beside myself with excitement! I'd love to talk to someone for the site on the show who may be able to explain to me why I lost so many hours to the square ball and paddle game. Please drop me a line.

All the best,

JK, February 11, 2009


Cleidson Lima, Brazil - Journalist and Author

My name is Cleidson Lima, i´m a journalist and i´m writing a book about the history of video game consoles since 1958 up to now. I´d like to know if I can use some informations and pictures of your great website in my book. Sooner or later i´ll contact you about wich texts and photos i´ll need to put in the book. It will be very important for the conservation of the console´s and Pong´s history. By the way, your website is very very good and brings us many details that we can´t find in another place.

Cleidson Lima, May 2, 2009


Bruce Benedict, USA - Donator of Allied Leisure "Name of the Game" Console

I just got back from the post office. The game is on the way. Thanks for the reference on the museum's site, it's a pretty cool looking website. I was looking around and saw many things I remember as a kid, especially the big arcade pong games. I remember when they put those into our local arcade and everyone getting really excited. My parents bought a pong game for home, but I can't remember which one. I'm going to look around your site some more to see if I can find it. Thanks again.

Bruce, June 19, 2009

Sandra Jones, USA - Reporter with the Chicago Tribune

I am a reporter with the Chicago Tribune working on a story about online museums and would like to interview you about the Pong Museum. Can you email a phone number so I can give you a call?

Sandra Jones, January 29, 2010





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