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Pong Console Manual Collection

The’s Manual DB (Data Base) goal is to centralize as many old pong systems’ documentation as possible. A lot of people contact us because they have an old system but don't know how to use it, lacking relevant documentation. Thus, we try here to provide links to all documentation available for each system - nice try you think?

It is our hope that the collection of manuals will largely be a group effort. Something of this magnitude is simply too much to do alone. You can help us on this task by scanning the manuals in your collection and send them to us by mail. For more info, please contact us.

 Specifications for the scans

  • resolution: 150 or 200 dpi - please do not resize the images
  • png or jpg (100 % quality) format
  • only colored pages as color scans
  • B/W pages in 265 grayscale mode
  • including all pages and the cover / back site (if not totally blank)
  • include the model name and producer of the console
  • and other informations you have about the console

Please send your images to: contact @ pongmuseum . com
Please do not send mails bigger than 5 MB - may you send several mails to submit all images.

 Contact us



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